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National Games of Interest (Week 10)

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Nick Chubb can't believe how dumb the NCAA is either.
Nick Chubb can't believe how dumb the NCAA is either.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

So that happened. On the bright side, at 8-6 in our national picks, I'm still infinitely better at forecasting the outcomes of football games than the NCAA is at its job.

Between hating Florida and hating the NCAA, I'm having a really hard time picking a National Game of Interest, so I'm just going to pick the first three games involving ranked teams that catch my eye. I'll take Louisville +4 at home against FSU because weird things happen on Thursday nights and Louisville has been great defending the pass. TCU scored a whopping 82 points last week against a Texas Tech team that WVU needed all 4 quarters to beat, so we'll take the Horned Frogs +5 in Morgantown. Stanford may have been built to beat Oregon in years past, but they're just not good this year. Oregon -7 at home seems like a no-brainer.

Please feel free to use the comments to make your own picks or to hate on Florida, Mark Emmert, or the NCAA.

Go Dawgs! Beat Florida! Free Gurley!