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Bo Goes: 10 Guesses Where Bo Wallace Was Headed At The End Of The LSU Game.

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Chris Graythen

By now you've probably heard that Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace appeared to beat a hasty retreat after throwing the game-sealing interception in Saturday night's Rebel game against LSU. With 2 seconds left on the clock Wallace was seen booking it toward the locker room, one presumes because he was disgusted with himself, Hugh Freeze, the infield fly rule, or some combination of these.

As is customary with this sort of tea pot bound tempest, Twitter and talk radio were quick to note Wallace's exit stage left, and to speculate about what it means vis-a-vis his leadership ability, manners, and mental health. Personally, I think Wallace was a young man in a stressful situation who realized the game was effectively "over" and had just had enough. I can imagine that feeling. And while I like to believe I would have come back over to the sideline to stand with my teammates and congratulate the victorious Bayou Bengals, I can see being too pissed off in the moment to be concerned with broad themes of sportsmanship and social grace.

But is it possible, just possible, that Wallace just simply had other more important places to be? I think so. Giving him the benefit of the doubt and in no particular order, here are some of the places Bo Wallace may have been headed at the end of the game:

1) To polish his résumé for the Florida job.

2) To a face-to-face meeting with Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork.

3) Amarillo. He was trying to get there by morning.

4) A Sunday brunch date back in Oxford at City Grocery. Lump crab and corn succotash doesn't eat itself.

5) To replenish the fireworks supply at TCU.

6) To California, with an aching in his heeaarrttt.

7) To polish his résumé for the Michigan job.

8) Fiji, to volunteer at an ad hoc Doctors Without Borders Or Licenses tropical disease clinic set up inside Club Med.

9) John Grisham book signing/protest on the square in Oxford.

10) Back to fourth place in the SEC West, where Ole Miss is far more comfortable.

If anyone has any other leads on where Dr. Bo may have been paged to, fill us in below in the comments. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!