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Monday Morning 'Dawg Bites.

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Rob Foldy

It's the first work day of the hatin'-est week of the year for this Bulldog. Our Editor Emeritus T. Kyle King once wrote in this space that Bulldog fans' notions of the Red and Black's "biggest rival" are driven by age and geography. Bulldog fans who came of age in Columbus during the Pat Dye era hate Auburn, perhaps more than the rest of us. Those of us who grew up in Dalton during Peyton Manning's heyday probably despise the Tennessee Volunteers. And those like me who grew up south of the gnat line and spent our formative fanhoods watching Steve Spurrier indulging his disdain for Georgia in both Athens and Jacksonville hate the Gators like an Auburn booster hates paper trails.

That's why I am approaching this game, in which the Bulldogs are heavily favored, with a weird mix of trepidation and bloodlust. Because I've seen favored Bulldog teams gack it up in Jacksonville more than once. But that won't stop me from fantasizing about Dark Richt emerging from his lair to hang half a hundred on the Sunshine State Saurians. But first, let's look quickly at the real news this morning.

Richt teleconference: Sony Michel progresses, Bulldogs wait for word on Gurley - The Red and Black : Sports
The Bulldog news is still Gurley-centric, but during Mark Richt’s Sunday teleconference,he spent significant time on the availability of Georgia’s other missing tailbacks. If you held a gun to my head, I'd guess that we will see Gurley, Chubb, and Douglas while Sony Michel gets another week to heal up and Keith Marshall remains an enigma.

SCOUTING FLORIDA | Analyzing Florida's New QB Treon Harris' Performance vs. Missouri | The Blawg House
The Blawg House breaks down Floruda freshman QB Treon Harris and notes that he's scary for the same reasons a lot of freshman signal callers are: his offensive coordinator's not going to ask him to do too much, and he's going to be helming an offense with zero to lose. That being said, I think Harris is good for two turnovers in this game, which may be the difference.

Florida Gators coaching search: The long list of the best worst candidates - Alligator Army
Want a list of absolutely terrible candidates for the Florida job? Here ya go! A tongue-in-cheek look at UF's option if/when the Muschamp era comes to an end.

We'll be back later with much more Florida week goodness. Until then...

Go 'Dawgs!!!