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15 Thoughts Would've Kicked the Field Goal

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There were some humdingers in Conference play yesterday and a dumb coaching decision or two. Let us now look towards hate week and the task at hand: Beat Florida

Mike Zarrilli

Here is a brief look back on Saturday's slate of noteworthy games - both in the SEC and elsewhere.

1. Mississippi State did not look like the top-ranked team in the nation in their 45-31 defeat of Kentucky in Lexington.  There is no question that Kentucky has improved, particularly at quarterback and the Wildcats can score points.  However, neither team impressed at all on defense.  Defense wins championships...and in my humble opinion, Mississippi State is not good enough to win out.

2. Alabama 34, Tennessee 20:  Another moral victory for Tennessee?  No, but they've found their future quarterback. First things first: Bama's Amari Cooper went wild, setting an all-time Alabama receiving record (9 rec./224 yards/2 TD) as the Tide got out in front early and was only briefly threatened when true-freshman Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs - who had never taken a snap - replaced the ineffective Nathan Peterman early.  His red shirt is burned, but he looked good.  Tennessee's offensive line is epically bad, but this kid gives Vol Nation real hope for the future.

#9.  He's good...and horrible angle, #32 in Urnge...

3. I still saw a ton of slipping and sliding on that craptacular turf in Knoxville.  Alabama left-tackle Cameron Robinson left the game with a "high ankle sprain," which may or may not have been due to bad Bermuda.  Still, do the Conference a favor, UT.  Fix your damn lawn, please.

4.  I thought LSU lost the game in the first quarter, leaving at least 10 to 17 on the field with early turnovers.  As great as the Mississippi defense is, LSU's might be ascending quicker than anyone in the Conference right now.  They looked nothing like they did against Auburn just a few weeks ago.

5.  The Ole miss - LSU game was every bit like a train wreck.  Every time I turned away, I could not look away.  Breakaway face masks?  Is this real, or just another example of the awesome force of SEC football

6. Hugh Freeze claimed he called for "a safer throw" on the sideline to set up a potential game-tying field goal with :09 left on the clock.  Instead, Bo Wallace threw a Bad Bo pass that was intercepted to ice the game.  The field goal attempt, 47 yards, came about because of a delay of game penalty.  At 42 - or even 47 yards - it was still a better choice than having Bad Bo roll out and throw a low percentage pass.  Worst coaching decision of the night.  Should've kicked.  That chosen play had no chance of succeeding.

7. You must credit Les Miles for, well just being Les Miles.  LSU's game winning 3-yard touchdown pass from Anthony Jennings to TE Logan Stokes was the perfect call at the perfect time after the Tigers had run the ball down the Rebel's throats.  In fact, the Tigers amassed 250 yards on the ground.

Never, in my mind, have I ever been an underdog in my own stadium. - Les Miles

7a.  Less than 24 hours earlier, Miles 91-year-old mother passed away, and Miles coached with a heavy heart.  In case you had not heard the news, an LSU fan died in the stands towards the end of the game.  Very sad.  Everyone here at Dawg Sports would like to extend our condolences to coach Miles, his family and to the family of the fan who died so suddenly.  Pax Vobiscum.

8. Still, the Egg Bowl will be quite interesting...if Mississippi State and Ole Miss can navigate the rest of their schedules.

9. Steve Spurrier has still got it.  Auburn's defense rarely had an answer for the 'ol Ball Coach in their 42-35 victory of the 'Cocks.  Having said that, Auburn has an average defense.  Three Dylan interceptions is what killed 'em.  When playing a team like Auburn, unless you have the defensive chops to force a punt or two, you gotta stay ahead of the scoring.  Valiant effort by Carolina.  I hate Auburn.

10. Still, Dylan Thompson threw the ball for over 400 yards.  If we can manage at least half of this when the Tigers roll into Athens on November 15, I like our chances.*

*I am putting the cart way, way, way ahead of the horse here. BEAT FLORIDA!  Then, BEAT KENTUCKY!  BEAT ERR'BODY

11. Vandy did not help us out against Mizzou.  Shocking, I know.

12. Which team out of the SEC West scares you the most?  After Saturday night, I believe the most complete team in the Division is Alabama.  This does not mean anyone should pencil in 'Bama to appear in Atlanta just yet.  They still have quite the gauntlet, to wit:

Mississippi State
Western Carolina (not to be confused with Eastern Carolina...)

12aAuburn's path could be tougher:

@Ole Miss
Texas A&M

12b.  More cannibalism, please...Here's Mississippi State's path:

@Ole Miss

12c. Ole Miss:

Mississippi State

That is a lot of tough football for everyone concerned.

Elsewhere in the "who really cares" department:

13. Ohio State 31, Penn State 24 (2 OT).  If there ever was a meteor game outside of the SEC, this was it.

14. TCU scored 82 points.  How is this good for college football?

15. Tech won, and this writer asks a legitimate question.

Okay, folks...we have a week full of Gator Hate to get ramped up for, and we are still on the #FreeGurley watch until further notice, which scares me because the NCAA wrote the book on "further notice."

Keep it tuned to Dawg Sports all week.  If we can't find the facts you're looking for, someone will write a concise piece with perfect grammar, satire, plenty of Oxford Commas, with a smattering of BBQ with all kinds of sauces.

BONUS EDIT:  Tim Tebow opines about Georgia.  Can't say I disagree.

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