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Evening Open Comment Thread: The Kiffining Approaches.

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"In fairness, I'd never seen a bidet before, and I had spinach dip at dinner."
"In fairness, I'd never seen a bidet before, and I had spinach dip at dinner."
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

After a mostly forgettable slate of early games the quality of matchup picks up significantly as we move into the evening, with #3 Ole Miss traveling to Baton Rouge to take on #24 LSU on ESPN, #5 Auburn hosting South Carolina at 7:30 on the SEC Network, and of course #4 Alabama trekking to Knoxville to take on the Tennessee Volunteers.

I suspect that this Ole Miss team is due for a rough outing, but I just don't think that LSU's offense (sponsored by the Acme duct tape and bailing wire company) is the group to test the Rebel defense. If the Bayou Bengals are to make a game of this one they'll need Dr. Bo Wallace to commit a few heinous acts of malpractice in the form of turnovers. I anticipate that South Carolina is going to get shellacked by the Plainsmen and that Steve Spurrier is going to consider how cool it would be to have an 8:00 a.m. tee time tomorrow rather than having to go in to review that game film.

And Lane Kiffin will make his, um, triumphant(?) return to Neyland Stadium as Alabama offensive coordinator. This one's a no-lose proposition for me because, as I noted when Georgia played the Vols last month, Tennessee is going to have to suffer a lot longer before I feel an iota of empathy for the folks who rooted on Peyton Manning and Jamal Lewis during my college years. So if the Crimson Tide salt Knoxville like some sort of hillbilly Carthage, I'll enjoy it immensely. If on the other hand the Vols do manage to hang in there and even pull the home upset, well, we'll be treated to more awkward shots of Saban looking at Kiffin like the stray dog he wishes he'd left at the gas station back in Soddy Daisy.

And if you like your football with a little west coast flair, #14 Arizona State will take on the Washington Huskies on ESPN at 10:45 eastern. If you're still around for the end of that one, you may want to seek help. Or your family may be waiting for you to conduct an intervention. I'm sure mine will.

So strap in. It should be another wild evening. We only have a few more of these this fall, so let's make the most of it. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!