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Your Week 9 College Football TV Schedule

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Brought to you by William Larry Muschamp... who would like to take a moment to remind prospective employers that, despite his extensive record against the University of Georgia demonstrating otherwise, he is a semi-competent defensive coordinator.

Rob Foldy

Your Week 9 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!!!

It was probably too much to hope that the insane slate of games of the last two weekends could continue.  In fact, it definitely was.  Right on cue we return with a less than thrilling line up despite several ranked teams playing conference opponents.  Unfortunately for all of us, those ranked teams are clearly and demonstrably better than their in-conference foes.  Nevertheless, there is always a chance of an upset so at least we have that.  As such, here are some games you should probably make an effort to see on this less than stellar weekend:


Connecticut Huskies @ University of Carolina - Eastern Peninsula Fighting Bullocks (7:00 pm, ESPNU)

The other game showing this evening is the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Miami Hurricanes.  While that game might have been relevant 15 years ago, it isn't today.  Instead, please enjoy head coach Neal MacRuffin and the Fighting Bullocks as they try to stay alive in their fight for a major bowl game.


#6 Oregon Ducks @ California Golden Bears (10:00 pm, Fox Sports 1)

Marcus Mariota tries to scratch his way back into the Heisman race against current leader Dak Prescott and a possibly resurgent campaign from Todd Gurley.  Oregon tries to avoid an upset against a somewhat schizophrenic Golden Bears squad that has shown they can put points on the board when they want to.  There are worse things to do at 10:00 on a Friday night.


Texas Longhorns @ #11 Kansas State Wildcats (12:00 pm, ESPN)

The Longhorns try to stop the bleeding after barely escaping a loss to the Iowa St. Cyclones.  The same Iowa St. Cyclones that look like they may have been better off with Gene Chizik.  Sadly, the bleeding will likely only increase as they take on the buzzsaw that is Kansas State and Ol' Man Snyder.


Michigan Wolverines @ #8 Michigan State Spartans (3:30 pm, ABC)

There are probably better games on during this time slot, but there is just something appealing about sweet sweet Wolverine tears and the continual realization that Michigan should have never "let Lloyd Carr retire".  But if they wanna beat Michigan St., I'm okay with that too. Just don't see it though.


Please take your pick of halfway decent SEC contests. Really, any of these will do:

#3 Ole Miss Rebels @ #24 LSU Tigers (7:15 pm, ESPN)

#4 Alabama Crimson Tide @ Tennessee Volunteers (7:30 pm, ESPN2)

South Carolina Gamecocks @ #5 Auburn Tigers (7:30 pm, SEC Network)


#14 Arizona State Sun Devils @ Washington Huskies (10:45 pm, ESPN)

Finish your evening with a Pac-12 faceoff that will carry you well into Sunday morning.  There seems to be one of these every week, but this is quite an appealing one.  I don't know if it's watch football until 3 in the morning appealing, but still, its pretty good.

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...