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Wednesday Evening 'Dawg Bites.

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Hey Muschamp, you wanna borrow a dollar?
Hey Muschamp, you wanna borrow a dollar?
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We usually do 'Dawg Bites in the morning. But, as you may have noticed, there was some pretty big stand-alone news this morning. It was big enough to cause members of Dawg Nation to break spontaneously into song.

But now that the rejoicing in the streets has ebbed to a dull roar, it's probably a good time to survey what's going on both in terms of reaction to the Gurley news and in the larger world of SEC football. First, the Gurley-related portion of the program.

UGA’s Todd Gurley applies for reinstatement |
Update from the AJC with quotes from Coach Richt, including this one about the official timetable for Gurley's clearance by the NCAA: "We can’t control the NCAA and when they get us information. We’re hoping we find out as soon as possible. We’d like to know if in fact Todd is going to play against Florida. We’d like to know that early enough to prepare for that. We’re hoping for a relatively quick turnaround here, but I have no idea how long it will take."

My take? There's no way the NCAA sits on this one for a week or more. We'll get news on Gurley by the end of this week.

Ten@10: ESPN’s Herbstreit believes Gurley could still win Heisman | Georgia Bulldogs blog
ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit says that Todd Gurley could still win the Heisman, and I tend to agree. It will take a bravura performance in the second half of the season, and probably Mississippi State's Dak Prescott stumbling, but it could happen. Gurley does after all still lead the SEC in rushing despite missing two games. Herbie also thinks that a team that doesn't win its own division shouldn't play for a national title unless that team is from the Big Ten, by the way. He didn't say that in this piece, but I'm pretty sure Frosty McFrostedTips still buys that.

Three Observations From UGA Practice, as Gurley Looks Strong - Bulldawg Illustrated
UGA continues its bye week practice, including Todd Gurley, who Logan Booker observes seemed to have a little extra pep in his step today.

Breaking down Georgia at the midseason | University of Georgia |

Seth Emerson's superlatives, biggest remaining questions and biggest game left for No. 9 Georgia.

WR Mitchell’s path offers different perspective for UGA teammates | DogBytes Online
Marc Weiszer on Malcolm Mitchell's return to the field and the unique energy he brings.

Nebraska's Bo Pelini questions ESPN's relationship with SEC |
Well that was inevitable wasn't it? Bo Pelini takes the cat by the tail and just swings that sucker till it starts spitting and clawing.

Florida must fire Will Muschamp — and the sooner, the better - Alligator Army
Self-interest aside, holy crap things are a mess in Gainesville. That won't prevent the Gators from giving us all we can handle next Saturday, but still. You almost feel sorry for Florida fans.

The 5 stages of grief for Florida Gators fans - Tomahawk Nation
Hahahahahaha! Just kidding! I'll feel sorry for the Gators when St. Peter and Moses hang half a hundred on the Ole Ball Coach while John the Baptist and Jesse Palmer discuss wardrobe options in thew stands. My favorite part is the Gator fan saying that Florida looks like "a 1AA team playing an SEC team", clearly forgetting what that really looks like.

Treon Harris to start versus UGA - Alligator Army

The Bulldog defense has made a living the past two weeks off of turnovers. I don't think anyone who's watched either freshman Treon Harris or Jeff Driskel would expect that to change on Halloween.

Have a great evening, and until later. . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!