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SEC Game of Interest (Week 9)

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We should probably start calling this column Don't Bet On It! again.

Nick Chubb is the man until further notice.
Nick Chubb is the man until further notice.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With apologies to Dan Rubenstein, our conference picks are almost certainly the surest thing in college football right now. No, we're not always right; in fact, we are spectacularly wrong more often than not. Last week we picked Kentucky and Texas A&M to keep things close against LSU and Alabama, respectively. The Wildcats and the Aggies lost by a combined 3-100. That is not a typo. That kind of prognosticating prowess is why we now have a 6-12-1 record against the spread. You should almost certainly go with the opposite of whatever we're about to say about this week's SEC Game of Interest: No. 3 Ole Miss (-3.5) at No. 24 LSU.

The pick: Ole Miss -3.5

Why you should care: This is the only SEC game that looks to be even remotely competitive this weekend. Although Kentucky and Auburn are left on our schedule, we aren't going to learn anything about either of them by watching them get torched by MSU and whup South Carolina, respectively. Speaking of which, can we all agree that, given how terrible Florida is right now, Auburn-South Carolina is this season's biggest meteor game for Georgia fans?

Rationale: We're not picking against the State of Mississippi until something serious changes. The big knock on Ole Miss is that their offense hasn't yet played a complete game, but they haven't yet had to. Through 7 games the RebelBlackBears boast the best defense in the conference, giving up just 10.6 points per game and 4.15 yards per play. They're also second only to Georgia in terms of turnover margin despite having given away the football 2.5 times more frequently than the Bulldogs. LSU may keep things close for a while, but eventually Ole Miss is bound to pull away.

Bonus Game to Watch: No. 4 Alabama (-17) at Tennessee features Lane Kiffin's return to Rocky Top. There's going to be some serious schadenfreude one way or the other.