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Georgia's athletic director has announced that he'll be releasing a statement shortly after 5:00 PM Eastern time on the Gurley situation

Mike Zarrilli

At about 4:00 PM Eastern time, Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity told reporters that he was going to release a statement on the Todd Gurley situation "in an hour." Per Seth Emerson, McGarity did not specifically say whether it was a statement about the conclusion of the saga or just a statement on the situation.  Since McGarity is in Indianapolis for the hearing on the Jack Bauerle issue, we can probably assume that he spoke to someone at the NCAA today and has an message regarding that discussion. And this is just my opinion, but I don't think he'd essentially put everybody on one hour's notice for news if the word was, "We still don't know anything."

I think we should prepare both the celebration alcohol and the "drown your sorrows" alcohol, because we'll probably be needing one or the other in a few minutes.

We'll keep updating this post as the situation develops.


I'd like to bring on a guest speaker to give us this update:

Actually, that's more information that AD Greg McGarity gave us.  The statement from UGA regarding Gurley literally said, in full:

While in Indianapolis, Georgia representatives (met) with the NCAA eligiblity staff regarding the ongoing matter involving Todd Gurley.  There is no new news at this time and no further comment is necessary.

Torch and pitchfork party at my house, y'all.

UPDATE 2: According to an official NCAA twitter account, UGA hasn't even officially requested that Todd Gurley be reinstated yet.  So, that's more actual news than we got from OUR OWN ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.