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Your Week 8 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Bryan Allen's Face... please don't punch it. Aww, who am I kidding? The Dawg Sports Legal Team has asked that I not encourage violence on the blog so I'm just gonna look away for the next 5 seconds and you do whatever you need to do.... Ready? GO!

Your Week 8 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!!!

We have another high-quality weekend of college football to look forward to folks!  Unfortunately, Eastern Carolina Chanticleers fans will have to wait until next weekend to see your team play... but for everyone else, here is what we have on tap:


Colorado School of Mines Orediggers @ Fort Lewis Skyhawks (CBSSN, 8:00 pm)

Why this game you ask? Two reasons:

1) The other option is the Virginia Tech Hokies vs. the Pittsburgh Panthers and I promised myself I wouldn't watch anymore crappy ACC football.

2) There just aren't enough teams calling themselves the Orediggers.


Fresno State Bulldogs @ Boise State Broncos (ESPN, 8:00 pm)

The meteor game to end all meteor games. The Detwilers vs. The Zabranskys.  I remember when these two teams were the perennial non-power conference favorites.  But that was before the rise of THE University of Eastern Carolina 49ers.


#4 Baylor Bears @ West Virginia Mountaineers (FoxSports1, 12:00 pm)

Around 3:30 on Saturday, smoke will be billowing into the skies of Morgantown, West Virginia... the Mountaineer faithful will either be setting couches ablaze or lighting Dana Holgorsen's head on fire.


#21 Texas A&M Aggies @ #7 Alabama Crimson Tide (CBS, 3:30 pm)

Both recent victims of Ole Miss, the Aggies and the Crimson Tide look to rebound.  The loser is effectively out of the SEC West race and thats a-ok with me.  I'm going Aggies here if only because Eastern Carolina State used to call themselves the Aggies before they decided to switch to the Minutemen (in honor of former student Kevin Williamson and the high school team he created on Dawson's Creek).

#10 Georgia Bulldogs @ Arkansas Razorbacks (SECNetwork, 4:00 pm)

This one sort of goes without saying.  As usual, I'm terrified and easing my fears with a heroically oversized glass of bourbon.  My liver is gonna need the bye week worse than the Bulldogs.


#5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ # 2 Florida State Seminoles (ABC, 8:00 pm)

I think FSU is gonna absolutely curb stomp Notre Dame.  But that may just be because the Fighting Irish are so completely overrated every single year that it's hard for me to picture a scenario where they beat anyone of relevance.  I foresee a Fighting Irish death spiral in the next couple of weeks but we'll just have to see if it starts with the Seminoles.


#23 Stanford Cardinal @ #17 Arizona State Sun Devils (ESPN, 10:30 pm)

Nothing like some late night Pac-12 action! I'm personally favoring Arizona State in this one because I've learned that Ray Anderson (ASU's AD) is a graduate of the Eastern Carolina Polytechnic Institute (GO RAMS!).

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...