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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites: And Still We Wait.

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Kyle Rivas

It's Tuesday morning, and we still have no definitive word on when Todd Gurley can return to the football field.  Well, at least no word when he can return to the actual competition. The big news of Monday was of course Gurley returning to the practice field. It seems fairly axiomatic that if he were in fact not going to suit up for the University of Georgia again in the 2014 season, it is unlikely that he would also be practicing, unless the coaches simply want to employ the world's deadliest scout team tailback.

But it is worth remembering that when A.J. Green was investigated for selling an autograph several years ago, he also practiced during the investigation and his subsequent four-game suspension. All that aside, it is expected that an announcement of some sort regarding Gurley's status will be made sometime today or tomorrow, although it may be only "we're still investigating." We will keep you posted on that, but for now here is the news in Bulldog Nation.

As speculation swirls, Gurley returns to Georgia practice | Bulldogs Beat with Seth Emerson |
Stop me if you heard this: Todd Gurley returned to Georgia football practice on Monday. As multiple players pointed out in Seth's report, there are other players on this football team besides Todd Gurley. The games still have to be played even if he is not on the field. I for one think it is great that the remaining players half circled up around Todd and are playing with a bit of a chip on their collective shoulder. I also suspect that some of this may have been made easier by last year's cataclysmic injury situation, which also forced this team to adjust on-the-fly to not having optimal personnel. Yes, it's taken a year, but I finally found a silver lining.

Former UGA QB Aaron Murray, others sound off on Gurley situation | DogBytes Online
Aaron Murray talks about the ever present autograph seekers college football players deal with, his method of combating  the problem, and his feelings on the Todd Gurley situation. While I don't know that it's necessary to personalize every autograph in order to ward off suspicion, I do think Murray's comments make clear that college athletes are well aware of the cottage industry surrounding every scribble of their John Hancock.

Langley makes smooth transition from wide receiver to defensive back | Online Athens
Brendan Langley looked fairly effective on Saturday against Missouri, which is good because the Bulldog secondary is running out of warm bodies, effective or otherwise. I do however worry just a little bit Langley may be falling into the Kiante Tripp trap, where our coaches take a talented athlete and move him around in order to take advantage of those talents, but never really allow him to stick long enough to master one position. Athleticism is great, but technique is important as well, probably more important in the long run. And it takes time to learn.

Bernie's Dawg Blawg: Arkansas defense takes a hit

Bernie points out what could be a significant defensive loss for the Razorbacks going into this weekend. While I would have probably preferred to see Arkansas win against Alabama (therefore allowing for the possibility of ours being something of a letdown game), their contest with the Crimson Tide was a physical affair. It will be interesting to see which team coming off a grinding, hard-fought game has more left in the tank for this weekend.

Trough Talk: Brandon Allen, Penn Wagers, Coach Crying, Dominating Defense - Arkansas Fight
Hey look! Razorback fans despise Penn Wagers too! I knew we would find something in common.

That should do it for now. We'll be back later with SEC football, recruiting, and Gurley news but until then...

Go 'Dawgs!!!