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Morning After Dawg Bites.

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As Scarlet O'Hara noted, it is indeed another day. Georgia fans wake this morning more sure that Todd Gurley probably will not be playing this weekend against the Missouri Tigers, and wondering when he will again suit up in the red and black. For right now that question is simply another one of life's imponderables. I just can't tell you, but I can tell you what people are talking about in Bulldog Nation.

Georgia had to suspend Gurley | Peach State Sports Blog |
The Telegraph's Daniel Shirley points out that Georgia didn't really have much choice in suspending Todd Gurley. I know some have said to "let him play and have faith that he's telling the truth." The problem is that an NCAA investigation could go against Georgia and if it did, a whole season would be erased. This is the painful but correct option. Self reporting inevitably leads to lighter penalties than a cover-up, and also allows Georgia to begin (and hopefully conclude) its investigation sooner. That, theoretically, puts Todd Gurley back on the football field sooner which I think we are all in favor of.

"If Gurley guilty, blame him, not NCAA" | Get The Picture
Jeff Schultz said something stupid in an attempt to be intentionally provocative. I know, you're shocked. The Senator sets him straight. As I think I made clear last night, I will concede that Todd Gurley is not totally blameless in the situation. However, the fact that he may have some blame does not relieve the NCAA of blame for it's asinine regulation of labor, and its status as a licensed cartel.

Wrap up the ball carrier and four other keys for Georgia to beat Missouri | Online Athens
Marc Weszer looks at five keys for Georgia to pull out a win in Todd Gurley's absence. One is stepping it up in the passing game. Sigh.

Petition to pardon Todd Gurley for any possible wrongdoings and ordering the NCAA and UGA to cancel any investigations.
Well, I mean unless somebody has a better idea . . .

That should get your day started. We will be monitoring the Gurley situation throughout the day and will bring you any updates that arise, good or bad. So stay tuned, and...

Go 'Dawgs!!!