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Your Week 6 College Football TV Schedule

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Brought to you by Georgia's Backup Quarterbacks... People may say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but when you've set your lawn ablaze and all that's left are the charred remains of your hopes and dreams... It actually is greener on the other side.


Your Week 6 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE !!!!!

Its finally here! A weekend of wall to wall, slap-you-in-the-crotch, awesome football games.  Its gonna be a great one folks so grab a case of beer (or even better, a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel), settle in to the indentation in your favorite recliner, and get ready for an amazing day of football.

Here are your top viewing options:


Arizona Wildcats @ #2 Oregon Ducks (ESPN, 10:30)

Thursdays best game is on the West Coast so prepare to burn the midnight oil yet again.  I don't foresee the Wildcats beating the Ducks but I guess you never know.  Anyways, at the very least this will give you your best opportunity of the week to do your famous "Drunk Emilio Estevez" impression:



Utah State Aggies @ #18 BYU Cougars (ESPN, 10:15)

Another late one! On the one hand you have a Utah State team that lost to Idaho State and Arkansas State but beat Wake Forest (ACC Power!).  On the other you have BYU trying to prove that having the fluffiest of all the pillowy soft schedules shouldn't keep them out of the playoffs. Seriously, its like they decided to have a scheduling party and only invite the crappiest teams from each conference.  BYU wins the game, runs the table, and misses the playoffs. Next year the playoffs expand to 32 teams so no one has to feel bad about missing them. Georgia still misses them.


#6 Texas A&M Aggies @ #12 Mississippi St. Bulldogs (ESPN, 12:00)

Your Saturday football smorgasbord begins with this SEC showdown which should help us determine if the Bizarro Bulldogs are for real or if LSU was just that overrated. I'm guessing the latter. Regardless, Dan Mullen will be stomping around the sidelines of The Swamp again next year (Ed. Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I am the Founder and President of the "Will Muschamp, Gator Head Coach Fund," a non-profit dedicated to ensuring that Will Muschamp remains head coach of the Florida Gators indefinitely).


#3 Alabama Crimson Tide @ #11 Ole Miss Rebels (CBS, 3:30)

#4 Oklahoma Sooners @ #25 TCU Horned Frogs (FOX, 3:30)

#14 Stanford Cardinal @ #9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (NBC, 3:30)

Vanderbilt Commodores @ #13 Georgia Bulldogs (SECNetwork, 4:00)

I think you all know that I'll be watching Georgia the entire time but that is just how I roll. You'll probably want to have the remote close by so you can flip back and forth ad nauseam.


#15 LSU Tigers @ #5 Auburn Tigers (ESPN, 7:00)

This one has enough tiger on tiger action to get Siegfried and Roy all hot and bothered. One thing I've learned about the Bayou Bengals over the years is that Les Miles is a half-crazed lunatic when his back is up against the wall*. LSU may well walk away with a win here and send Auburn back to scouring the landscape of dismissed college players for their next superstar.

*Les Miles is actually a half-crazed lunatic all. the. damn. time.

#19 Nebraska Cornhuskers @ #10 Michigan State Spartans (ABC, 8:00)

Michigan State finishes what McNeese State started. McNeese State! How the hell is Nebraska ranked #19 when they struggled with McNeese State!?!?!? College football is nothing if not unpredictable.


Utah Utes @ #8 UCLA Bruins (ESPN, 10:30)

UCLA rolls. And you'll probably be passed out from all the excitement beforehand anyway.

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...