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2014 Recruiting Player Profiles: Isaiah Wynn

Next Wednesday is college football's National Signing Day, a huge event for fans in Bulldog Nation. Between now and then Dawg Sports will be profiling every single player in Georgia's 2014 signing class.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As we get inside a week until signing day (February 5th), we'll try to give you a little info on all the kids Georgia will be bringing in as part of their 2014 class. And what do Georgia fans generally scream about most in recruiting? WHERE ARE THE LINEMAN! Well, good news everybody. We got a good big boy coming up from the Tampa/St. Pete area in Florida (the one that gave us Aaron Murray and Orson Charles) with Lakewood's Isaiah Wynn.

Wynn was one of two OL to commit at the annual Dawg Night event for upcoming recruits last summer. He was also among the 6 future Dawgs that participated in the prestigious US Army All-American Bowl. So the big boy is pretty well regarded, and if you watch his high school highlights it is easy to see why.

The first thing that pops out, to me at least, when watching Wynn's clips on is he's not very nice out there. The first play of his junior video makes it clear what type of player you're getting as he sets the edge nicely on a pass block, but then hustles out to help as the receiver from the flats tries for extra yards, demolishing one guy and then lighting into another as the whistle blows. He's physical, and seems to really enjoy the physical nature of playing along the line. We are talking about a guy who seems to fit that beloved coaches mantra "play until the echo of the whistle".

But of course, that alone isn't going to find him success at the collegiate level. He plays LT for most of the highlights, with some LG during his senior video, but at a reported 6'2 that's rarely going to play on the edge at the college level. That means he'll be inside at guard, and likely needs to add a good 20+ pounds to handle the mass you get in the SEC interiors. But Wynn moves well, and looks like adding weight won't impact his quickness. He gets low, keeps his feet churning, and will drive players off the ball. And if he gets in space or on the second level, he has his head on a swivel finding someone, anyone to hit. He shows a solid base in pass pro, and good instincts run blocking, so he should be a solid all around blocker. Just watch him sink in, and fight in drills that are extremely advantageous to the DL at summer camps.

Personally, while he could use some weight, he looks physical enough to play now. I wouldn't be shocked if Wynn had a season this coming fall as Brandon Kublanow had last fall, working into the rotation and possibly starting by year end if a spot opens. He's got a lot of players to jump once he arrives on campus in the summer, but he's also got a load of potential. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he and Kublanow combine to give Georgia some of the meanest, best G play they've gotten in years during 2015 and 2016.