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Georgia football's 2014 recruiting class: A look at who we got and who's left a couple weeks out

Goose Creek, South Carolina's Jacob Park is already on campus taking classes.
Goose Creek, South Carolina's Jacob Park is already on campus taking classes.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
With about two and a half weeks until signing day on February 5th, we figured now would be as good a time as any to check out where Georgia sits as they hit the home stretch with new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt helping lead the charge. My thoughts from back in March can be found here

As you may already know, Pruitt hit the ground running, and has already locked up a pair of DBs in less than a week on the job (Nashville's Rico "El Kabong" McGraw and Hogansville's WR/DB Terry Goodwin, who join a big WR out of Griffin, Christopher Owens, and JUCO OT Devondre Seymour). But those are 2015 kids, and a good year until they actually turn their commitment into a real deal. So how are we looking for 2014 kids?

By my count, we have 68 scholarship players. That leaves room for 17 kids in the upcoming class, and Georgia has 15 or 16 currently committed (which depends on how things go with "soft verbal" JUCO DB Shattle Fenteng). We are still pursuing a handful of guys, like CB Wesley Green at MLK in Atlanta, Norcross OLB/DE Lorenzo Carter, Tucker DL Elisha Shaw, and hopefully a ready to start immediately LT or two, among others. And with Pruitt opening new doors and giving us a fresh pair of eyes, you never know who might pop up on our list, and pop into town for a visit this coming weekend or the weekend after. Mark Rich hasn't firmly said how many kids will be in the 2014 class, with estimates ranging from 17 to 22. From his past, we'd need a couple of kids to announce they were leaving school between now and February 5th for him to go for the high mark of 22, but closer to 20 isn't unreasonable.

Currently on board as of right now are:

QB Jacob Park

RB Nick Chubb

RB Sony Michel

WR Gilbert Johnson

WR Rico Johnson

WR Shakenneth Williams

TE Jeb Blazevich

OL Dyson Sims

OL Isaiah Wynn

OL Jake Edwards

OL/DL Kendall Baker

DL Lamont Gaillard

DE/OLB Keyon Brown

LB Detric Dukes

CB Malkom Parrish

DB Kendall Gant

DB Shattle Fenteng