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Mark Fox leans on freshman J.J. Frazier down the stretch against Arkansas

Charles Mann came up big in overtime for the Bulldogs but it was freshman point guard J.J. Frazier who guided the Bulldogs down the stretch of regulation.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Mann once again came up big for the Georgia in Saturday's overtime win over Arkansas. However, it was freshman point guard J.J. Frazier who was on the court for the final five minutes of regulation while Mann sat struggling with four fouls.

"He came up huge," said Mann. "His number was called, and he delivered."

On the surface Frazier's evening might not look impressive. He finished with five points while going 0-6 from the field. He was 5-6 from the free throw line and 3-4 during that five minute stretch at the end of regulation. Most important for Georgia was the zero in the turnover column for Frazier who stood up to the Arkansas pressure and helped get the Bulldogs in position to send the game into overtime.

Frazier played a career-high 17 minutes on Saturday in what was easily the most pressure filled situation he has faced while at Georgia. Mark Fox indicated after the game that he had been preparing him for such moments.

"I've been really hard on J.J. He's improved; he's toughened up, said Fox."

For a young team like Georgia building depth is important. To be able to pull out a win despite what was sub par performances by Mann and Nemanja Djurisic is a big boost for this young club. Its clear they aren't on the same par with Florida or Kentucky talent wise but its also good to see what talent they do have starting to develop.