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Sunday open thread: NFL conference championship games edition

Christian Petersen

It's Sunday, and we need something to talk about. Thankfully, the NFL will provide that for us. According to, we are going to put a Dawg in the Super Bowl for a 12th straight season. That's crazy.

Well, so you know who you need to be rooting for, here are our competitors. The New England Patriots have no Dawgs, so boooooooooooooooooooooooooo Belichek. The Denver Broncos have a pair of former Dawgs, with Champ Bailey logging action as a CB even though the now 35 yr old from Folkston can't quit do it like he used to these days. Knowshon Moreno should start at TB behind Peyton Manning, and will likely have a huge impact on the game. The Patriots and Broncos will kick off things in Denver at 3:00 on CBS.

On the NFC side of things, this is where we can guarantee that a Dawg will be on a Super Bowl roster. The 49ers have utility man Demarcus Dobbs, who can log action as a blocking TE, or at multiple spots along Jim Harbaugh's defensive line. And for Seattle, former LB Chris Clemons is starting at DE. So San Francisco or the Seahawks, feel free to root for whoever you want because Georgia wins either way. They'll get going at 6:30 on Fox.

I know, they wear orange, but GO BRONCOS!