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Profiles in Stupid: Josh Harvey-Clemons

I blame Tyrann Mathieu.
I blame Tyrann Mathieu.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
As you may have heard or read, Josh Harvey-Clemons will miss the Clemson game to open a season for the second consecutive season. The reason is being reported as a second failed drug test, for marijuana use, which carries a mandatory 4 game suspension based on the University's rules for student-athletes.

The former 5 star recruit from Valdosta emerged last season as a solid playmaker, and a potential NFL player going forward. His size and mobility makes him a very promising player at safety, and one that new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt can probably be extremely creative with as a man who has enjoyed sending his defensive backs on blitzes. Unfortunately, Pruitt will have some time to work out a few plans, since Harvey-Clemons will miss the Clemson, South Carolina, and Troy games at least (meaning if he doesn't make any more mistakes, he'd be back on the field when we host Tennessee September 27th).

Then again, the assumption that he won't make more mistakes may be asking a bit much right now. We are talking about a kid who just got suspended twice in the same season for failed drug tests. And University rules mean a third offense for a guy who clearly has trouble with not not inhaling would be off the team.

If y'all want, we can get into the foolishness of Georgia having significantly harsher penalties for this stuff than their SEC competitors. But let's not forget that kids know the rules when they walk on campus too. If Harvey-Clemons wanted to channel his inner Mystikal, schools like LSU, Florida, and others would be more than happy to have accommodated his habit. But he chose to attend school at the University of Georgia. He knew the rules, and knows tests are going to be coming. The next time someone decides to roll one up, I'd hope JHC has the will power to step out of the room. Either that, or we can only assume he'd just rather not be playing football in Athens, GA anymore.