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Todd Grantham Headed To Louisville.

The routing number is . . . .
The routing number is . . . .

This afternoon multiple sources are reporting that Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has accepted an offer to become the defensive coordinator under new coach and motorcycle/misleading his superiors aficionado Bobby Petrino.

First things first. This isn't confirmed yet. However, given that rumors of Grantham leaving at the end of the year surfaced as early as September, it's not surprising either. The expected pattern among a loot of Bulldog fans was that Grantham would be offered a job paying more than he's making in Athens and Greg McGarity and Coach Richt wouldn't match it because, let's face it, if you're judging based solely on production Todd Grantham isn't a sterling candidate for a huge raise.

The Louisville deal is reported to have a guaranteed term of five years and an annual salary of $1 million per year, which would of course be a nice bump annually over Grantham's current deal. The lengthy guarantee (again, if true) would be a huge upgrade over anything the Georgia administration has ever done for an assistant.

If true, in my opinion Papa John and the boys are laughably overpaying for a guy who has delivered mediocre to sporadically above average results during his time in Athens. To put it in context, Kirby Smart's deal at Alabama is three years with a $3.85 million total payout. John Chavis's deal at LSU pays him $911,000 per year. Is there anyone who has the sense that Grantham is outperforming those guys.

You may recall that at one time it was thought that Grantham would be the fiery yin to Mark Richt's stoic yang. Instead he's been more the guy who yells on the sideline as the defensive front gets pushed around or the secondary looks on helplessly during another third and long conversion.

Speaking of Smart, he's almost certain to be the first guy whose name comes up during successor discussions. Having already turned the job down once, I'm not certain Smart takes an interest again. Look for some fans to also consider whether popular linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti should be elevated to the top spot.

Again, I haven't been able to confirm that Todd Grantham's going anywhere. But we'll keep an eye on things through the evening. Be sure to check back here at Dawg Sports for additional updates.