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Don't Bet On It: offseason fun. The Steve Spurrier Retirement Pool

Spurrier really does enjoy the view from seat 37f.
Spurrier really does enjoy the view from seat 37f.

The Ol' Ball Coach is starting to have a little more emphasis on the old than the coach these days, as he'll turn 69 on the 20th day of the 4th month of 2014. But while he will be almost 70 this April, our long time nemesis Steven Orr Spurrier has been working hard to keep up in a young man's profession. Seriously, just look at that effort...

But while we can all applaud his efforts to stay active as he ages, the man only has so much time left. He also just took South Carolina to a top 5 finish, heights they've never seen before over the past couple years, before beginning the arduous task of rebuilding his team without the best QB he's had since Wuerfuell, without a once in a generation DE, and without several other players. Suffice it to say, it might not be a bad idea for Bill Stanfill's favorite tackling dummy to get while the gettin's good. Shawn Elliott has established himself, and looks well positioned to be replace the top 'Cock after declining a lateral move to Alabama last offseason.

We got a long offseason ahead of us folks, so let's start with a little fun. The poll is below, when do you think Spurrier finally decides to end his Hall of Fame career?