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Where everybody knows your (screen) name....

Imagine for a moment, that you are gathered at the Blind Pig in Athens with all your favorite Dawg Sports friends.

The BBQ and Bourbon is plentiful and flowing, the Dawgs are playing on the big screen, and winning. DaveTheDawg is there passing sticks of butter. MaconDawg is sampling & praising the bbq and the bourbon, Cherokee's Grip is waxing poetic, VineyardDawg is sitting next to you cheering the team. Kyle's pacing the floor; he's already signed your copy of Fighting Like Cats & Dawgs. The team is playing great, with only a few missteps. There's not an internet troll around and no one's likely to get banned. There's a goat (cake) on the table over there - it's already been "sacrificed." There might even be some of my traditional game day brownies on hand. It feels like a dream you've had but never quite believed could turn into is the Fourth Annual Dawg Sports Annual Sacrificial Goat Roast.

On October 19th at The Blind Pig Tavern in Athens at 485 Baldwin St we will gather about 45 minutes before game time (which is still TBD.) Bring your spouse, your kids, your friends. We are usually in the big room to the right as you come through the door, but you won't have any trouble finding us.

For those of you artistic types (which I most certainly am not)....this is also your official opportunity to submit your T Shirt designs in the comments below. Contest window is open only for 14 days. So get ‘em in early, and get ‘em in often. Got an idea but can't draw to save your life? Submit it in the comments, it may be just the spark someone else needs to put something together. Should your design be chosen, you get the satisfaction of a job well done and the pride in knowing YOU designed the T Shirt for the Fourth Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast.

Got Questions? Just ask 'em...