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Should Aaron Murray Get a Shot at Calling His Own Plays?

With all the play calling discussion, I had a novel idea.

I check the backfield every time anyway.
I check the backfield every time anyway.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

"If you can't trust your 5th year senior with that responsibility, who can you trust?" - MaconDawg

I know, I know. But hang with me for a minute.

We run an offense where we line up, check the safeties, then look to the sideline for the audible, then run around changing the play, and then the O-Line screws up the silent count anyhow. But what if we tried something that has virtually been eliminated in football, and let the QB call a few series? This would allow for a faster offense, and it may help develop rhythm. The confidence boost that we really need could be huge.

Besides Coach Bobo, who knows the playbook and the play design any better than Aaron Murray? Mark Richt may know it, but it's Bobo and Murray that are reviewing film and discussing decision making. I think Murray knows what he needs to read by now regardless, and the play changing from the sideline is making things messy. Besides, what's wrong with just calling a play and running over someone? I can't be the only one that thinks we are over micromanaging the whole thing to a point of hurting the line. When we check off to a draw up the middle, then I don't know what the point of the audible was anyway.

Could it hurt? I mean really? The only major issue I see is personnel changes. Which is why we don't do that mess as much, and the O line needs to be set. Read: we need to know who our line is. Which is another problem with our O line, I am not certain these guys know one position let alone 2 or 3. Let's let some guys build some experience in a position.

Call a play, run to the line, run play. Create rhythm. Murray can easily read the safeties and check off if he wants. Maybe it will give Murray and the team a boost of confidence. I think we have too much hitch in our giddyup, and this may allow for a better flow. If Murray is a "rhythm QB", what better way to let him get his momentum? I'm sure you're about to tell me how crazy this is so,