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National Game of Disinterest (Week 2)

We know you love college football. We do too. We generally believe that football > not football. But sometimes a game is going to be so bad and so unimportant that we can't justify watching it. Every week we like to identify that game as the National Game of Disinterest.

Dive! Dive! Dive!
Dive! Dive! Dive!
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

There is going to be a lot of bad football this weekend. Like, a whole lot. It was actually harder for us to pick this week's National Game of Disinterest than our National Game of Interest because there were so many contenders for the former and so few for the latter. But we decided to narrow it down by limiting ourselves to (a) televised games (b) between schools from AQ conferences. That actually made our pick pretty easy: Wake Forest at Boston College (-3, o/u 48.5) in divisional ACCtion.

Boston College hired Steve Addazio as a head coach this year, and it was an upgrade. Let that sink in for a moment. You may recall that Steve Addazio took over as Urban Meyer's offensive coordinator at Florida in 2009 and turned the nation's 4th best offense into a 43rd-ranked unit in just two seasons. That is solid work, especially considering that Urban & Co. had recruited enough 4- and 5-star talent to make a small galaxy.

The Eagles are left making this type of desperate hire because they fired Jeff Jagodzinski in 2008 for being too good at his job. No, really. After the Eagles finished in the top 10 of the AP poll and won the ACC Coastal Division [Ed. - thanks, The984] in 2007, Jags had the temerity to interview for the vacant head coaching gig at the New York Jets in 2008. In the real world, this type of thing usually gets you a pay raise, but in Chestnut Hill it apparently gets you fired. Boston College has since gone 21-29.

Why all of the history? Because the ACC is weird, man. The year before the Eagles won their ACC championship division, Wake Forest won the conference championship. WAKE FOREST!!! (Over Georgia Tech. lulz.) But now these two teams are back in the cellar. Jim Grobe is an infinitely better coach than Steve Addazio, but the Demon Deacons went 5-7 last year while allowing nearly 32 points per game and scoring just over 18. BC wasn't much better. Neither of these teams is going to win the Atlantic division. (Yeah, I had to look that up.)

This is going to be a boring game in a divisional race that we all already know is going to come down to Florida State's October 19th trip to Clemson. Skip it and watch UCF at FIU instead.