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Round Table Predictions: LSU

It's time again to poll the Dawg Sports editorial staff for their predictions on the result of this week's game against the LSU Tigers. Surprisingly, it's not as abjectly pessimistic as you might think. (This means that we're doomed.)

Kevin C. Cox

Vineyarddawg: In spite of the tone I took in On Notice, I think Aaron Murray will come out and play well, and our defense is really starting to gel. If our offensive line can actually show up against the Bayou Bengals, we might... just might... break the Gameday hex. Georgia 31, LSU 30.

Hailtogeorgia: I'm gonna go with Georgia 45, LSU 31. I think our offense will do pretty well against them - the same TCU team that scored 10 points against Texas Tech put up 27 against LSU...Auburn, who shot themselves in the foot, put up 21 against them - for comparison, they put up 24 against Mississippi State and 34 against Washington State.

I get a little worried about our defensive backs. I do think that if we can focus on shutting down Beckham and Landry, Mettenberger will struggle to find other options catching the ball. Beckham and Landry account for 100% of their receiving touchdowns and almost 75% of their receptions overall. They each average over five catches a game - no other player averages more than one.

This will all hinge on whether or not we can stop their running game. Without having to worry about a mobile QB, the optimist in me says we can. We'll see.

Mr. Sanchez: LSU 45, Georgia 42. I don't like the match ups in this one (like I didn't vs South Carolina). Their WR vs Langley, our kick coverage vs Beckham, our OL vs their front 7, our run D vs their power game. Combined with Murray's turnover tendencies, I just don't like how we match up.

Ludakit: I feel as if a letdown is coming. We've allowed too many points, while not putting up the points as effortlessly as one would hope. Our OL is not good and could very well be exposed on Saturday. LSU 38, Georgia 31.

Spears: UGA 24, LSU 27. LSU's defense is a better than UGA's, but UGA's offense is better than LSU's offense. That's a wash. Special teams is going to decide the game, and, unfortunately for the boys in red and black, the Tigers are exceptional on special teams. We gave up 14 points on special teams again North Texas.

RedCrake: LSU 30, UGA 20. I want to believe. I need to believe. but some of the bad habits the team has displayed in the weaker moments of the last month just scare the bejeezus out of me. Now, if a couple of enterprising downtown bartenders would attempt to entice Mr. Mettenberger on Friday night... that could change everything.

Podunkdawg: UGA 45 LSU 27 - Of the two teams, UGA has faced a tougher opponent in Clemson than LSU had in TCU. We lost by 3. I think as long as we score 40+ we win. I think the offense can do it. They've displayed a willingness & ability to think outside the usual box and find ways to win since Clemson - see onside kick at SCAR and that double pass last weekend. I think we get it done, but it might look ugly til the 2nd half. Plus, I'm blind & drink the koolaid.

DavetheDawg: Dawgs 48, LSU 34 or something like that. We'll win the shootout because, in the end, Mett ain't Murray.

Chuckdawg: This:

What's your prediction for the game?  Let us know in the comments!

Go Dawgs!