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The Friday Tailgate: L-S-Who? Edition.

Once again you find yourself with 24 hours to kill before kick off. Let us help.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Maestro, let's send one out to our buddy ChuckDawg and all the LSU fans also headed in the general direction of God's Country:

And one which I hope describes the Sanford Stadium crowd's gift to the LSU offense:

The temps are in the 70's for the first time this fall here in middle Georgia, and it's just in time for the biggest home game to hit Athens in, well, at least three weeks. If Georgia triumphs over LSU in front of a national television audience, during what is clearly the biggest game of the weekend in college football, it would go a long way toward putting that three point road loss to Clemson in context. Georgia would likely be favored in all remaining contests between Sunday and the SEC Championship Game.

Every week in the SEC is the most important one of the season, and no one should overlook the likes of Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Vanderbilt, and Auburn. All of those teams are flawed, but all have the potential to jump up and beat the 'Dawgs. However, a win over the Bayou Bengals would put the Red and Black in the driver's seat for a return enagagement in Atlanta, which could very well be another play-in game for the BCS title tilt.

Lose, and a national title shot is likely out the window, barring some 2007-level hijinx during the remainder of the season. The SEC East crown would still be imminently achievable, but the margin for error gained by beating South Carolina would be out the window. And that trip to Atlanta for a 2 loss Georgia team is a chance to play spoiler more than a chance to punch tickets to the big game.

In other words, this is a really, really big game. There's no use ignoring that fact, or pretending it's just another week. That being said, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the psychological aspect of this game for the 'Dawgs. Does playing in Sanford give them an advantage? Is so, how significant is it? Will the distractions surrounding his homecoming affect Zack Mettenberger? Is "Hey Zack! Neaux means neaux!" going too far for a Game Day Sign? (H/T, every Bulldog fan on Twitter). If Jeremy Hill were on Survivor and you were his teammate would you vote him off? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, since it was such a hit last week, I thought we'd do another installment of Over/Under. Let me ask you, Dawg Sports readers, over or under:

Zack Mettenberger will complete 51% of his passes in the first half.

Aaron Murray will be directly responsible for 1.9 turnovers.

LSU will capture 9.9 points off turnovers.

Todd Gurley will rush for 119.9 yards.

LSU's Jeremy Hill will punch out 119.9 yards.

I will see 3.9 grown men walking around Athens wearing pants with wire mesh/stuffed tiger tails hanging from the back (in '09 I think I saw 3, but I wasn't really looking).

The teams will combine for 1.9 onside kicks/fake kicks.

Georgia will score 34.9 points.

LSU will score 34.9 points.

Let me know your answers in the comments, and feel free to provide your miscellaneous predictions for tomorrow. Or, to talk about whatever else is rattling around in your collective heads. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!