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Your Week 5 College Football TV Schedule

This week's TV Schedule is sponsored by Arian Foster's Anonymous UT Benefactors... who would like to remind you that if you do decide to talk about those impermissable benefits you received, they'd really appreciate it if you'd wait until the statute of limitations has run out.

A bitter malaise has fallen over Tracy Wolfson...  beautiful moments of pure joy escaped into the ether long ago... when she finished off the last of her personal stash of Cammy Cam Juice...
A bitter malaise has fallen over Tracy Wolfson... beautiful moments of pure joy escaped into the ether long ago... when she finished off the last of her personal stash of Cammy Cam Juice...
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE


Finally! A week of half-decent football games!

As we move into a more steady stream of conference matchups and fewer cupcake games, the viewing options for your weekend have vastly improved. Don't believe me? Check out the schedule above!

But that doesn't mean you don't still need some guidance as you try to sort through your possible viewing destinations so if you'll just follow me this way...


Thursday night is the home of all of Georgia Tech's biggest football games... and this Thursday is no exception. Around 7:30, a couple dozen Techies will wander down to Historic Mark Richt Field (laptops in hand) to watch the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets form a tickle pile with the Virginia Tech Hokies. This is the point in the evening where you will realize why Clemson or FSU are the hands-down favorites to win the ACC. Stay for the schadenfreude or check out the Iowa State Cyclones and the Tulsa Golden Hurricane in a battle of weather-related mascotry.


Not much to recommend on Friday. I'll probably watch the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders and the BYU Cougars. Cause I'm sick like that.


There are some interesting options early on Saturday... once you finish watching Corso and Herbstreit jinx the Dawgs from beautiful Athens, GA. While I'll probably check out the South Carolina Gamecocks and the UCF Knights, you really can't go wrong watching the Miami Hurricanes take on the South Florida Bulls or the Oklahoma St. Cowboys dance around the dumpster fire that is the West Virginia Mountaineers.


While you should and will be watching the #9 Georgia Bulldogs take on the #6 LSU Tigers, there are some other options if you just lose your damn mind and decide to skip the most promising matchup of the day. You could hit up the Florida St. Seminoles tearing up the Boston College Eagles, the Oklahoma Sooners continuing to expose the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as the frauds they are, or the Wake Forest Demon Deacons futily trying to muster some kind of defense against the Clemson Tigers. Yeah, you should definitely watch the Georgia game.


Following what we hope will be a win for the Dawgs, the Saturday night action remains solid as we get another ranked SEC matchup between the Ole Miss Rebels and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Other notable options include the Florida Gators visiting the Kentucky Wildcats, the Texas A & M Aggies and Johnny Moneybags soliciting under-the-table payments following a win over the Arkansas Razorbacks, or the Wisconsin Badgers playing a team from some state school in Ohio.


The late night schedule is by far the best we've had all year as the Pac 12 has finally decided to televise some of its games on real television networks. You'll have to pick between the Stanford Cardinal vs. the Washington St. Cougars or the USC Trojans vs. the Arizona St. Sun Devils. You can't really go wrong. Both are likely to be highly entertaining for vastly different reasons.

All in all a pretty solid slate. I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I plan to and please don't hesitate to tell us which games you are looking forward to in the comments. Until next time...