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Final Goat Roast T Shirt Poll & Event Details

This is really the very last one....

He was tasty......
He was tasty......
Dawg Sports

We're nearly out of time to get tshirts done before the Goat Roast. If you've been ignoring all the firey goat cake on the home page the last few weeks here's your details:

When: October 19, 2013 - 45 min before game time til whenever they throw us out....

Where: The Blind Pig Tavern 485 Baldwin Street, Athens

What: Basically what you see every week in the game threads only with all of us there together in real life watching the game on The Blind Pig's many tv's. Plus they have all the bbq & libations you could want, need or desire. Oh, and there will be something in the form of yummy baked goods. Probably a goat cake....maybe brownies.

Now for the t-shirt design run-off poll.....

Your choices are:


#APU Front



No "I" in T-E-A-M