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SEC Game of Interest (Week 5)

Every week we pick the conference's most interesting game against the spread. We may occasionally get it right, but Don't Bet On It!

Johnny Football responds to this week's spread against Arkansas.
Johnny Football responds to this week's spread against Arkansas.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend was the weekend of the backdoor cover. We correctly predicted that LSU would easily handle Auburn but still whiffed on our pick. The Cajun Canines scored 28 points before Auburn found the end zone, but then they lost interest and allowed the lesser Tigers to score thrice once the game was already well in hand. We did, however, correctly call the Sunshine State Saurians' inability to beat the Volunteers by more than two touchdowns -- they beat the Creamsicles by precisely two touchdowns. The weekend wash brings our season-long ledger to 4-3 in conference picks.

This weekend's SEC Game of Interest is an easy pick for two reasons. First, for better or worse, we're obviously playing the most interesting conference game of the week. Again. Second, there's one really, REALLY easy pick this week. It's Texas A&M (-3) at Arkansas.

The pick: Arkan... nah, just kidding. It's obviously Texas A&M (-3).

Why you care: You like free money. (But, seriously, this seems way too easy, so don't bet on it.)

The rationale: I mean... Arkansas lost to Rutgers last week. Now, Rutgers might secretly be a good football team. They did take Fresno State to overtime in a 51-52 thriller back in week 1. But losing to any American Athletic Conference team other than Louisville is just embarrassing. I'm looking at you, Penn State.

Anyway, Arkansas is averaging just over 28 points per game. It's going to take a lot more than that to beat the Aggies, whose 50.3 points per game is good enough for sixth in the nation. This is such a no-brainer that I'm actually worried about it.

Stray observation: Alabama is a 17 point favorite over Ole Miss. That seems about right, BUT... the Tide only beat the RebelBlackBears by 19 last year. Bama was undoubtedly better on both sides of the ball last year while Ole Miss was undoubtedly worse. What do you think?