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Take 2 - Pick Your T-Shirt (Again)

So after a snafu or two we're going to try this can pick your friends, you can pick your t-shirt, and for once you can pick your friends t-shirt.

Firey Goat Cake Very Tasty Not Poisonous At All
Firey Goat Cake Very Tasty Not Poisonous At All
DawgSports Staff

By now you are probably aware that the NCAA has rules about people other than themselves using a players name in pretty much any way at all whether for profit or not. We reached out to the very kind folks at UGA Compliance and they asked us not to use that particular design. So we're going to try this whole voting thing again.

Here are your options in no particular order....


Keep Calm APU on Front


Keep Calm APU on Back

Killin' Commies has been withdrawn by the submitter


No "I" in T-E-A-M

So once will still close on Friday Sept 27th at 11pm. Vote Early & Vote Often (well it won't really let you vote more than once, but you can make your friends log in & vote....)

Winner of the T Shirt Contest gets the satisfaction of knowing they won and the knowledge that at least a dozen of the Dawg Sports Family will be sporting their T Shirt design, but not anything else.