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Late Game Open Comment Thread: Felonious Intent Gets The Start.

Scott Cunningham

By now you've survived a lackluster Bulldog victory over North Texas, a war of attrition between Florida and Tennessee, and what Louisville did to FIU, which has to be illegal somewhere.

Hey, speaking of crime and punsihment, this is the place to watch tonight's Auburn/LSU match up of quarterbacks rehabilitating their images elsewhere, because that Mark Richt guy just runs such a loose ship and has lost control and THUGA and [makes lewd hand gesture in the general direction of Georgia's largest daily newspaper].

There's also Stanford taking on Arizona State, Texas going at it with Kansas State as part of the presumed Mack Brown Farewell Tour, and Michigan playing what's left of the UConn football program. It's a lot to digest. So hang out, take a load off, and talk it through with your fellow commenters. Until tomorrow . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!