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Second Half Open Comment Thread: Yeah Adequacy!!!!

So far the Georgia Bulldogs are muddling through against the North Texas Mean Green. Let's see if they can wake up and make things look a little more respectable in the second half.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't a first half without redeeming qualities. Aaron Murray threw his 100th touchdown pass as a Bulldog, becoming only the second passer in SEC history to hit that mark. The 98 yard throw to freshman Reggie Davis was also the longest touchdown pass in Bulldog history. Murray was 11 of 12 for 232 yards in the first half.

But it was not, on the whole, a good half of football. Several dumb procedural penalties, some really lackadaisical kickoff coverage blew the momentum garnered by Murray's 101st TD, allowing a 99 yard touchdown return. And the young Bulldog secondary really struggled to stop senior UNT quarterback Derek Thompson from methodically picking them apart.

Aaron Murray threw a bad interception on the goal line, the offense as a whole was a pedestrian 1 of 4 on third down conversions, and I cannot stress this enough, that kickoff return was just not good. The rushing attack, which one would have expected to be a strength in this game, produced an underwhelming 52 yards on 15 attempts, a mere 3.5 yards per run. That ain't good.

As I said a couple of days ago, this is not a team the 'Dawgs could afford to half-ass it against, though at times it doesn't appear they got the memo. Let's hope that the Classic City Canines snap out of their post-bye funk and play some decent football in the second half. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!