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North Texas Gameday Open Comment Thread.

Todd Gurley performs his Whigs' tribute "Right Hand On Your Face".
Todd Gurley performs his Whigs' tribute "Right Hand On Your Face".
Scott Cunningham

We'd normally have separate open comment threads for the early slate of college football games and the obvious centerpiece of the day, your Georgia Bulldogs taking the field between the hedges in Athens. However, it just so happens that today the early game in question involves the Georgia Bulldogs taking the field in the Classic City. So here we are.9

So obviously the first order of business will be to watch the Red and Black (hopefully) dispatch the North Texas Mean Green with ruthless efficiency. After that it's a most meh-ful agenda so far as college football is concerned. I know, it's a sin in the eyes of GridSkinivus (the Hindu god of college football, cornhole, and bail bondsmen) to look any football Saturday in the mouth. But this one is kind of a stinker. The best evidence of this? The CBS game of the week, the crown jewel of the conference slate, pits a 2-1 Florida squad against a Tennessee outfit that just got clubbed like a hapless baby seal by Oregon.

RedCrake already brought you the full list of your viewing options, which you should probably just print out and nail to your coffee table for convenience sake. I'm probably going to end up watching Arkansas travel to Rutgers, though Heaven only knows why. Auburn/LSU sounds like the most interesting game in the SEC, though my suspicion is that it will confirm exactly how far Nick Marshall has to go toward his goal of becoming a successful SEC quarterback. If he throws fewer than 3 interceptions in this one I will be very, very surprised.

But first things first. Let's get ready to take care of business against the guys from Denton.A little mood music*:

Go 'Dawgs!!!

*Totally unrelated, North Texas may be the only college in America who can challenge the University of Georgia for university-related popular music supremacy. From Roy Orbison, to jazz great Billy Harper, from Meatloaf to Don Henley to Norah Jones to Christian rapper LeCrae, to Ray Wylie Hubbard, a lot of Mean Green alumni have made it in the music biz. The more you know, right?