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The Friday Tailgate: Mean Green Edition.

The Georgia Bulldogs will take on the North Texas Mean Green is fewer than 24 hours. You gotta do something until then. It might as well be joining us around the Dawg Sports virtual tailgate tent.


Maestro, the music:

Let's take a quick look at what's going on as the 'Dawgs prepare to take on an opponent who may be a little harder to handle than some think.

Brett Vito of the Denton Record-Chronicle is among those who note that this game sets up well for the Mean Green to the Classic City Canines all they want and more.

Mark Weiszer points out that junior college transfer Chris Mayes will make his long awaited debut this weekend following a concussion suffered during camp. Mayes is a physical presence inside, the kind that could really help the struggling Bulldog run defense. It will beinteresting to see if he can get his feet under him and improve as we get into the meat of the SEC season.

Finally, the Red and Black has a nice Q&A with the editor of the North Texas student newspaper. Did you know USA Today ranked teams all the way out into the 80s? Yeah, me neither.

I'd also like to bring back an old standby here on the Friday Tailgate, the Over/Under. The rules are simple. I give you a numerical proposition regarding the performance of the Red and Black or their opponent in the upcoming, and you tell me whether the actual results will be over or under the number I propose. See? So simple an Auburn grad can do it. With no further preamble, I ask you Dawg Sports readers, over or under?

  • Aaron Murray will throw 3.9 touchdown passes.
  • Hutson Mason will throw 0.9 touchdown passes.
  • Todd Gurley will rush for 150.9 yards.
  • Brendan Douglas will carry the ball 3.9 times.
  • The Georgia defense will hold the Mean Green offense to 129.9 yards on the ground.
  • The Georgia offense will turn the ball over 1.9 times in the first half.
  • Michael Bennett will have 99.9 yards receiving.
  • Chris Conley will have 99.9 yards receiving.
  • Chris Mayes will tally 2.9 tackles.
  • The Georgia secondary will snag 1.9 interceptions.
  • The student section will be 49.9% full at kickoff.

Let us know your predictions in the comments, and feel free to use this as the open thread for Friday night's college football action. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!