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Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

Your options may be somewhat limited again this weekend... what with the Big 10 taking a week off from getting their butt kicked by pretty much any team that showed up to play them. You know, by feasting on "little sisters of the poor"... even though they don't do that. Its ok though, you can always watch Northwestern play Maine on the Big Ten Network. And with that....

Lou Holtz just realized South Carolina and Notre Dame probably won't play for the National Championship this year...
Lou Holtz just realized South Carolina and Notre Dame probably won't play for the National Championship this year...
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


There are some decent games this week, but it seems like the proliferation of the conference specific sports networks has somehow taken away from the giant slate of Saturday games we've become accustomed to on national television. Don't believe me? See the schedule for yourself above. Each week I think to myself "Alright, this is the week it really gets epic" but it never seems to arrive. Perhaps when we get into more regular conference play things will shift a bit.... it just seems to be taking longer to get to it this year than ever before.

That being said, there are definitely some match-ups you shouldn't miss. And they are....


On Thursday night, there's only one real game of interest and that is the Clemson Tigers taking on the NC State Wolfpack. While I would imagine Clemson will run away with this one as the night goes on, it could provide a couple hours of entertainment before it starts getting out of hand.


Likewise, Friday provides us with but one contest as the Boise St. Broncos prepare to face off against the Fresno St. Bulldogs. While my normal inclination would be to go for a team called the Bulldogs, I'm all Broncos on this one. Screw that bastard Steve Detwiler and his magical thumb!!!


The North Texas Mean Green enter Sanford Stadium at 12:21 to take on the #9 Georgia Bulldogs so I know where you'll be in the early afternoon. However, if the game goes the way we hope it will, you may get a bit restless as the day goes on and your eyes may start to wander. If they do, I'd recommend enjoying some potential schadenfreude as the North Carolina Tarheels take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Not much else to suggest unless you want to find out if the Vanderbilt Commodores continue their "culture change"


The main events here are the Tennessee Volunteers futily competing against the bi-polar Florida Gators or perennial National Title contenders the Notre Dame Fighting Irish facing off with the Michigan St. Spartans. Good luck...


The game of interest for the SEC homer in me would obviously be the Auburn Tigers and the LSU Tigers in Kittyfest 2013. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a bit more intrigued by the prospect of the Arizona St. Sun Devils attempting to take the Stanford Cardinal down a few notches. This, boys and girls, is why you convince your significant other to let you have 2 TVs in the living room.


In the late night block you have the option of the Utah Utes versus the BYU Cougars in the Mormon Bowl or the Wyoming Cowboys versus the Air Force Falcons. Both should be fun to watch, but will ultimately prove inconsequential outside those respective fanbases... but, hey, its football so you should appreciate it while you can.

That's it for now. Feel free to tell us what games have caught your eye this weekend and how you'll be spending your Saturday in the comments. Until next time...