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Gameday Central: Early Games Comment Thread.

Just because the Georgia Bulldogs are taking the weekend off doesn't mean the college football world stops turning. This is the spot to talk about all the early action with your fellow Dawg Sports readers.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Another college football Saturday is upon us, and there are some decent games to keep you occupied leading up to the 3:30 start of the first SEC Game of the Week between Bama/Texas A&M.

#7 Louisville will travel to Lexington to take on Kentucky (noon, ESPN) in a game that could be very, very embarrassing for Wildcat fans. It's one thing to lose to little brother. It's another thing to serve as a stepping stone in little brother's starting quarterback's Heisman campaign. Kentucky fans, so far as I can tell, think of Lousville as little brother despite the fact that the school was founded a full 67 years prior to the state land grant school in Lexington.

Tulsa will travel to Oklahoma (noon, ESPN2) to take on the Sooners, led for the first time by former goal line weapon turned starting QB Blake Bell.For those who don't follow recruiting, it's worth noting that Bell was one of two QBs offered by the Bulldogs in the class of 2011, though Christian Lemay was the one who ended up in Athens.

Additionally Virginia Tech will, for some reason, be traveling to face East Carolina (watch on Fox Sports 1) and Bowling Green will play the newly resurgent Indiana Hoosiers on ESPNU.

So sit tight, crack open a beverage of your choice, and watch some college football that you have little or no emotional stake in. It's good for you. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!