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National Game of Interest (Week 3)

Every week we take a look around the country and try to find a STONE COLD LOCK OF THE WEEK. We are largely unsuccessful.

I can't say what I'm thinking because this is a family site.
I can't say what I'm thinking because this is a family site.

This week's National Game of Interest is the coaching carousel. After we correctly picked Washington State to cover against the Fightin' Lanes, you have to be intrigued to see how quickly USC drops the axe on Kiffin. At just 1-2 in national picks on the season, I'm arguably better at my job than he is at his. That's just sad. Given an otherwise weak slate of games this weekend, I'm going to see how far down USC can go, so we'll be picking Boston College at USC (-14, o/u 43).

The pick: Boston College (+14)

Why you should care: Because you revel in the misery of Lane Kiffin.

Rationale: I do not trust Steve Addazio as a head coach. But Boston College does not look terrible. I think that's enough to keep things interesting given that Trojan players are holding team meetings without the Laner's knowledge. I will sell USC every chance I get until Kiffin leaves town.

There are actually a couple of other interesting games out there, but I have no idea how to pick them. TCU (-3) at Texas Tech (o/u 62.5) should be fun, but I don't know if Casey Pachal's replacement can be trusted on the road. Wisconsin at Arizona State (-5.5, o/u 52.2) could be fun, assuming that Todd Graham hasn't taken the USC job before kick-off. What are y'all's picks on the bye week?