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Georgia/Clemson Postgame Thread

It just wasn't our night. Penalties, poorly timed turnovers, inconsistent line play, and some really wretched tackling combined to lead to a 38-35 loss to the Fort Hill Felines. We here at Dawg Sports salute Coach Swinney and his charges for making the most of their opportunities and coming up with a win that may push them into the top 5. Georgia moved the ball well, but the young defense played like a young defense at the worst possible times. That's not unexpected, but it is disappointing. Aaron Murray again put up excellent numbers but made a couple of the kind of crippling mental errors we've seen before.

As for the Bulldogs, well, we got a lot to get fixed in one week, and a lot of guys who need to get healthy in a hurry. We can't let Clemson beat us twice. Because there's now no margin for error. We'll have more in depth analysis tomorrow, but for now, feel free to express your totally warranted frustrations here.

It's not the end of the world. We lost a close one to a very good football team who out-executed us. It's not the end of the world, but it damn sure hurts. So let it out. Just be respectful to each other, and our opponent. Tomorrow's another day. I hope that like me you're still proud to be a Georgia Bulldog.