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National Game of Interest (Week 1)

Last year we learned that picking games against the spread is really, really hard. This year we're going to change course a bit. Even though we're changing the name of the piece, please Don't Bet On It!

Bob Stoops is the Big XII's Mark Richt.
Bob Stoops is the Big XII's Mark Richt.
Jamie Squire

We get real, live, actual college football tomorrow night. I could not be more excited. (Has anyone else been listening to this song at work this week?) Unfortunately, there aren't too many great games being played by teams outside of the SEC this weekend. I guess the powers that be know that we're so desperate for football that we'll actually be watching at least part of Rutgers at Fresno State.

This week's national game of interest is Louisiana-Monroe at No. 16 Oklahoma. (Edit: It's apparently not televised. I'm sorry, y'all, but that's all the more reason to think that the line is a little off.)

The Pick: OVER 60

Why you should care: You love offensive fireworks.

Maybe you've heard about ULM's two quarterback offense. Maybe you also heard that Oklahoma's entire secondary is gone except for future first-round CB Aaron Colvin. Or maybe you remember that time that ULM beat Arkansas in Little Rock. I don't doubt that Oklahoma will win this game at home or that they'll put up a lot of points. I just also happen to think that the Warhawks are going to score some of their own. That's why we're getting some popcorn ready and taking the over.

Honorable Mention: No. 19 Boise state at Washington (-3.5, o/u 52). Vegas thinks Boise is an underdog on the road. I can't be the only Georgia fan who finds that downright bizarre.