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Tomorrow and Friday we will continue with a position review of the O Line and a game preview of GT.

Tonight, ESPN is dedicating an hour to college football, and we are approaching 7 days away from the first kickoff.

Since Sunday's live thread went so well, here is one for you to use. Go for it, say what you will.

What you can do, by the way, is watch this Tech speaker say how cool he is. I was kinda digging his rant, until he told me how cool he was.

Georgia Tech - Freshman Convocation - Epic Welcome Speech (via Andy Blanton)

What do you think?

Now, lets also talk about how we are going to beat the heck out of Clemson, and how we secretely hope UNC gives SCAR all kinds of heck. Or whatever else. I'll throw in some "You suck ESPN" comments along the way - see you there.


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