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Assume The Position: Tight Ends

Assume The Position: Tight Ends is brought to you by Toppers International Showbar: "When You're Drunk and Lonely at 2 AM, Think Toppers!"

Toppers Presents: Assume The Position - Tight Ends
Toppers Presents: Assume The Position - Tight Ends

Everybody loves a good Tight End. In fact, a good Tight End can make all the difference when you're looking to score...

Alright, thats quite enough of that. I apologize profusely but I had to get that out of my system before we get a bit more serious.

Georgia is going to use its Tight Ends a good deal this year. Its safe to say at this point that the rest of the SEC knows about Georgia's high powered passing offense. While the Dawgs entered last season with questions about which target Aaron Murray would throw to, Georgia doesn't have the luxury of the element of surprise this season. Opposing defensive backs will be well aware of the skills of Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Conley, and a returning Michael Bennett. At the same time, the d-lines and linebackers of Georgia's opponents will be highly focused on stopping the two-headed backfield monster of Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. The good news is that this scenario opens a rather sizable door in the middle of the defense for Arthur Lynch and Jay Rome to walk through on their way to big gains and touchdowns.

During the 2012 campaign, Arthur Lynch really began coming into his own. Over the course of the season, he had 431 yards receiving and averaged 18 yards per reception. Perhaps more impressive is that Lynch averaged 16.7 yards per catch in the SEC Championship Game against Alabama's vaunted defense. Hell, Artie even had a 100% pass completion rate and a 234 QB rating on the strength of a 16 yard completed pass.

While Jay Rome didn't get as many touches as Lynch, he was a heralded prospect out of high school and managed a respectable 13.8 yards per catch and 2 TDs on 11 receptions in 2012. Rome is nothing but upside at this point and he is clearly the future of the position at UGA once Lynch graduates.

But its not all catching passes and touchdown dances for Lynch and Rome. Against the better defenses the Dawgs will face, it will be essential for the tight ends to help out by blocking the pass rush. Does anyone feel really comfortable with the Theus/Clowney matchup in Week 2? I know I don't. The thought of Lynch or Rome joining in to double team him, however, does bring me some solace. Its important to remember that Lynch is 6'5" and Rome is 6'6" and both are over 250 lbs, so they aren't your typical pass catching tight ends. Both have the frame and size to be effective blockers and, against South Carolina and LSU in particular, the Dawgs will need them to be.

Its also important to remember that, should Lynch, Rome, or both go down to injury, Georgia has an extensive stable of tight ends from which to draw. Although they obviously don't have the experience or skill set of the two higher profile players, Georgia has more depth at the position than one might expect.

Ultimately, Tight End is a position with which Georgia fans should feel quite comfortable... its in good hands. And when the better defenses of the SEC key in on our receivers and tailbacks, we can count on Artie Lynch and Jay Rome to make them pay. This year should continue the legacy of TE being a position of strength for the Georgia Bulldogs and in that critical moment of a big contest, it may make all the difference. Personally, I can't wait to see how the guys do this year.

Until then, GOOOO DAWGS!!!

(Editorial Note: The views expressed herein regarding "tight ends" do not represent the staff of Dawg Sports, but rather the author. Frankly, we believe his juvenile sense of humor is often over the line and a little pathetic at times. Please don't encourage him. Also, we in no way wish to advertise for or endorse Toppers International Showbar. This was another poor attempt at humor by the tasteless author of this post. Besides, everybody knows Chelsea's was better.)