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Dawg Sports on the radio, on demand, right now in Aggieland.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends over at Good Bull Hunting run a fantastic web site dedicated to Texas A&M athletics. So, when they asked me to join them on their most recent Around Aggieland podcast to chat about what I think the 2013 season holds for the Dawgs, I jumped at the chance.

I must say, with the kind of team the Aggies fielded last year, along with having the Heisman trophy winner still on campus, one would not begrudge those guys for having a bit of hubris towards their SEC counterparts. However, I cannot tell you all how much I enjoyed the chat I had with Derek and Hunter, and genuinely look forward to returning the favor by having them on The Dawg Gone Podcast at some point.

So, give it a listen when you get the chance. I'm obviously biased, but I really do think we had a great conversation and besides, it's better than any sports talk you're hearing on the radio right now, anyway.

...thanks, Riley Cooper.