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25 Hours of Pixelated Dawg Goodness

This November, I'll be playing videogames for 25 hours straight to benefit the Children's Miracle Network... here's how you can help.

On November 2nd, tens of thousands of gamers will participate in a 25 hour gaming marathon known as Extra Life which benefits the Children's Miracle Network. The marathon allows gamers to collect pledges that will go to hospitals in their local area so that children with cancer and other debilitating diseases can get the best medical care regardless of their family's ability to pay. All proceeds from my marathon will go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

I will be playing nonstop for 25 hours on that beautiful Saturday (8 am Saturday to 8 am Sunday -- as the clocks fall back we get our 25 hours) and would like to ask for the support of the Dawg Sports community. As such, I plan to spend the vast majority of my 25 hours playing NCAA Football 14 with our beloved Georgia Bulldogs. I can't promise that I won't occasionally take a break to play something a little less intense (perhaps The Last of Us), but I'll push through as much of the Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 14 as I can... I'm thinking a decade or so :-)

I know what you're thinking: November 2nd is the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party!!! I realized as much and thats why I'm glad my wife let me put two TVs in my gaming room! I can kick the crap out of Florida while the Dawgs kick the crap out of Florida... so we've got our bases covered.

If you are at all interested in contributing to this worthy cause, I hope you'll take a moment to visit my Extra Life page and make a donation. While the initial idea behind Extra Life was to pledge $1 per hour of play for a total of $25 dollars, any amount you might wish to contribute will be accepted and would be greatly appreciated.

As the date approaches, I'll provide updates to how the fundraising is going here on Dawgsports and I'll have a post-event wrap up as well... I'm thinking I'll have my wife take pictures every couple of hours so you can see me as I devolve into a pathetic state of delirious sleeplessness. Again, I hope you'll consider donating to this great cause (its tax deductible!) and that we can show everyone how generous the Dawg Sports community truly is.

One other note before I head out... If you'd like to check in on Nov. 2nd to make sure I'm keeping up my end or (even better) if you'd like to join me for an online game to help break up the monotony/make sure I'm still awake, my PSN ID is IMissYourMusk . Feel free to shoot me an invite/friend request.

Until next time, GOOOO DAWGS!!!