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ESPN Is Coming . . . To Hoover Cit-tay!

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SEC Media Days is a summer pigskin circus without peer. Now the boys in Bristol are joining the party.

Dr. Lou + Alabama in July= dermatological emergency. Maffs.
Dr. Lou + Alabama in July= dermatological emergency. Maffs.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Media Days starts one week from today, and for the first time the College Football Live crew will be broadcasting live from the proceedings. This may be another way of cementing the network's commitment to the league, or a way to ramp up fans for the college football season, which is now less than two months away.

Or maybe they just ran out of bat crap crazy 'Bama fans in Tuscaloosa and thought they'd hit a new spot. Either way, this probably means extra coverage, more interviews, etc., etc. The coaches won't say anything more than they did before, now they'll just say it to the assembled reporters from around the southeast and then say it again directly to Herbie, et al. But hey, I haven't heard anything about ESPN covering ACC Media Afternoon at the Raleigh IHOP yet, so there's that. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!