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ChuckDawg's Random Ruminations

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It's Sunday, and not a Sunday after some football. So here you get a collection of random stuff.

I'm doing some thinking too.
I'm doing some thinking too.
Kevin C. Cox

Kyle King (apparently he dropped the T) is on his book tour vacation. In the past years this has resulted in something bad happening to Georgia Athletics. But maybe he has changed that mojo somehow.

Speaking of mojo, we have yet to sacrifice that dang goat at the arch. But I tell you this, we are going to have a pretty darn good football team this year. I am fully confident in our Offense which is being slightly underrated in the media, and I think our Defense is going to mature and gel and be better than the narratives being laid out. The tough part for the Defense is getting on it from the start. We can't wait until the end of the year. The mojo we need is maybe just a dash of lady luck. I think we're due. Also, some hungry young Dawgs can go much further than a team with a little NFL-itis.

Most of the football talk revolves around Urban Myer and the University of Florida. I am not going to break down the 100 allegations. Let's just get a few parts clear: UF basically has no drug policy and has manipulated the system for years. Dawg Sports has called it out for years, and when his worshipfulness was the media love child, it seems the media didn't take notice of all the other stuff. Now, SURPRISE, things weren't really on the up in up in Gainesville. Urban Meyers is a forked tongue snake, and I just hope he can screw up two programs I don't much care for.

Some of you may have noticed I was none too happy with Chip Towers and the AJC this week. Without going full on hate, it's just this simple: There were four stories on the sports page about Marshall Morgan's BUI and "discipline" with two links on the front page. Now, Chip gets to report the story, and maybe follow it up with a discussion of the depth chart, but no, he and they went for the full on pile on. And the sad part is there wasn't one story on the main page about the SEC Female Athlete of the Year, Allison Schmitt. To me, that shows the true colors. That paper is a pendulum, always piling on the problems, or acting feverishly excited with the wins. But what is not done is separate reporting from editorials, and what is done is going after the cheap hits rather than give a more complete and accurate picture. Allison Schmitt deserved more coverage than Marshall Morgan, and while I agree Morgan maybe in the wrong (he was arrested, not convicted, another distinction that seems to be impossible to say), he isn't the devil, and doesn't deserve to be drawn and quartered. The amount of coverage and the message board talk was downright embarrassing. Furthermore, I hope we go for it on a lot more 4th downs anyhow.

There is some talk about our newest recruit QB Park being better than Brice Ramsey. Now, I will have my annual QB breakdown next month, but for now, Park is a non-issue. We'll worry about 2014 in 2014. Right now, Aaron Murray is the QB, with Mason behind him. We don't need to dig any further than that right now. Oh, and that throwaway line Chip Towers dropped about Ramsey doing the place kicking, that's just ludicrous. Again, let's worry about who the best QB in 2014 is in 2014, after they compete and work for spots. What we can know is we have a stable of elite QBs and that's "one of them good problems."

What we don't have is a stable of (you know I had to say it) is offensive linemen. We have to get out of this perpetual cycle of having a good line for a year and then rebuilding for several years. It is a little frustrating to me to know we have such depth with elite QBs but not the same depth on the line. I know we are getting a few more guys, but it never feels like enough. I never want to have to need a true freshman on the line like we did last year. Can you imagine our running game with our RBs and RB recruits with some ‘Bama level blocking?

One of my, if not the, favorite players is Malcolm Mitchell. The hints of playing him both ways are floating around again. I hope not. We have seen the key to the defensive backfield is in synergy and learning to work together. A rotating backfield for DBs doesn't seem to work very well. These guys have to learn to react not just to the play but each other. And I would like to keep Mitchell fully healthy for the entire year. He is likely to be the deep ball superstar. Woe to the opponent that plays him man to man.

Mostly, it's fairly quiet, we look to have a good team, another potentially special year, and beware of the narratives. I don't think Clemson is the monster some are making them out to be, but I do think winning those opening two games is a tough challenge. If we survive that challenge, however, our hearts are going to be singing. In the meantime,

Go Dawgs!