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Tramel Terry and Toby Johnson should be ready to take the field when fall practice starts

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Let's get this party started
Let's get this party started

We're in the last week this year without any football activity from the University of Georgia (HOORAY!), so information is trickling out as coaches meet with the media. Coordinators Mike Bobo and Todd Grantham made their appearances yesterday, and in addition to the overall lineup questions involving Josh Harvey-Clemons' suspension and what is thankfully, finally, an abundance of options for the starting offensive line, is a couple of nuggets of good news; people are healthy!

WR Michael Bennett is so healthy now that his name isn't even mentioned. That's great news for the junior Biletnikoff Award Watch List member, as the 6'3 Alpharetta man emerged as our go-to WR before his ACL injury last fall.

The primary concerns though were incoming recruits Toby Johnson and Tramel Terry. And while Terry will be practicing on a "limited basis" next week, Johnson will be taking snaps at defensive end from "day one".

Johnson, who has demonstrated his acrobatic ability already, is expected to join the rotation with Garrison Smith, Ray Drew, Sterling Bailey, John Taylor, and others in the defensive line. I wouldn't expect much more than decent backup play out of him early on, but he has the size and athleticism to challenge Bailey and Drew for that starting spot opposite Smith as the season gets into October and November.

Terry is someone I'm excessively excited about seeing on the field. Like Johnson, I wouldn't expect much more than a few snaps here and there from him against Clemson (although being back in his home state might make those few snaps very productive), but he has the talent to be a major impact player as the weather gets cold. Terry got some Percy Harvin comparisons coming out of high school, and watching his clips it's not hard to see why. As Bobo continues to expand his creativity in the offense with things like the pistol formation, a player with Terry's all around abilities could be a real treat to watch over the next few years.