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Swainsboro WR Rico Johnson ineligible to play at Georgia this fall

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Scott Cunningham

Seth Emerson breaks the bad news this morning about the second Georgia recruit in the 2013 class to not make the grade, Swainsboro WR Rico Johnson. OL Devondre Seymour was reported as headed to JUCO a few weeks ago.

You can see from Johnson's tweets, that this shouldn't be as long a delay as there will be with Seymour.

If the problem is just one, or even two classes (I won't mention the NCAA problem Johnson alludes to in that second tweet, since my opinion of the NCAA is rather NSFW), then we can expect all Johnson needs is a semester at prep school to get those in order, and he'll be able to come back this winter and be enrolled for spring semester as part of the 2014 signing class alongside recruits Shakenneth Williams and Gilbert Johnson at WR. We'll assume he heads to Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia, since Hargrave shut up shop this spring and those are the two places Georgia has almost always sent players in these situations.

What it means to the 2013 Georgia team probably isn't much. The 5'11, 172 pound speedster was going to be in the mix as WR depth, but he was more than likely going to redshirt this fall. So the impact on the field seems minimal since Aaron Murray will still have plenty of weapons to sling the ball to with Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, Rantavious Wootentheballcarrier, Justin Scott-Wesley, Rhett McGowan, Jonathon Rumph, Blake Tibbs, Reggie Davis, Uriah Lemay, and Tramel Terry among the options at WR.