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Football is getting closer, but we're not there yet

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Senior DL Garrison Smith answers questions at Media Day.  How much longer until football season starts was not among them.
Senior DL Garrison Smith answers questions at Media Day. How much longer until football season starts was not among them.

FOOTBALL IS STARTING BACK! (Wait, that's just the NFL getting practice started, resume your normal summertime activities).

So, we're getting close, with most teams around the country getting their fall practices started sometime around the end of next week. That means another month of worrying if everyone will be around when the season gets going at Auburn-with-a-lake on August 31, be it due to going out in downtown Athens, or injury, or what have you. Expect game previews and positional unit looks throughout the next few weeks, but in the meantime...

Recruiting is going quite well. A week after loading up with commits from the annual Dawg Night camp comes news that was expected. Lamont Gilliard, a big time DL out of North Carolina, was coming for a visit this past weekend with his mother, away from the large gathering of Dawg Night, to get a better feel for things in Athens, and they obviously liked what they saw. The 2014 signing class is starting to get tight on numbers, and we'll do a fuller recap on where things stand later this week.

Media days came and went. Jadeveon Clowney thinks Aaron Murray, and others, are scared of him. Murray thinks Clowney is using the wrong word. Mike Patrick has forgotten about Brittney, and is wondering what Johnny Manziel is doing with his life. Coaches are saying stuff, and Steve Spurrier is feeling loosey goosey. The only substantive news out of the circus that went on over on the wrong side of the Chattahoochee River is that senior OL Austin Long needs to get his academic affairs in order.

At Media days, the All-SEC teams come out, and 9 Dawgs made the list. TE Arthur Lynch and TB Todd Gurley were the only ones on the first team.

Remember when a former UGA trainer said athletes would go back into games after concussions? He wasn't talking about for Georgia.

Speaking of trainers, Sherman Armstrong gave Anthony Dasher his thoughts, including the mandatory summer comment of "Last year we had problem kids, but those guys are gone and all our kids now are listening and working harder than ever."

Oh, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is officially a Detroit Piston. They just got done with their Summer League games in Orlando, and after a rough start, KCP finished up quite nicely.

Lastly, non-Georgia, but apparently Gators do like it Dawgy-style.