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Need, More, Linemen.

Maybe not this kind, but whatever.
Maybe not this kind, but whatever.

I reckon we need some music.

Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman (via 2old2Rock)

Of course, this may not have been what ol' Glen was talking about. But what I'm talking about is the fact we have found that niche of having stars and no linemen. What I know is in 2014 we are going to be short where we need to be on linemen, but have about 6 or so QBs. Oh, let's blame it on Ole Miss. Screw Ole Miss. There is no darn point to get a top level QB and RB and not get the linemen. This is a continuing problem I have ranted about for 3 years, and here we go again.

What good are the great QB and RB recruits without the lineman to match? We need 3-5 solid linemen a year. Mr Sanchez broke it down for you all yesterday.

We know we have stars coming in. And they are great stars. But my memory of 2012-2013 was of AJ McCarron delivering out balls like a living PEZ dispenser - he didn't run for his life and "and make things happen.' The Roll Tide had a great O line and they were rewarded for that work.

I don't know what Ole Miss did to steal one of our O LIne recruits - but I know we better figure out how to get kids out of HS to come to Georgia to play on the line. We have failed, again, but well, we have a great 4 QBs. sweet.