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Remembering history: John Isner and Nicolas Mahut was ended 3 years ago

Oli Scarff

Wimbledon is getting underway today, and John Isner has already advanced out of the first round. You might recall 2 years ago, he had a relatively simple first round draw putting away Nicolas Mahut. I say relatively easy because the year prior, they played an 8 hour and 11 minute SET. Not match, the single fifth set won 70-68 by Isner lasted over 8 hours on it's own. The entire match lasted over 11 hours, and took parts of 3 days to complete. It was a grueling tennis match that drained both men, but left them in the history books forever. Unfortunately ESPN doesn't have the video of the whole thing on youtube (although it'd be nice). So here is the final point, and some of the ceremony after everyone finished watching history in action...