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Monday Morning Dawg Bites. I'm Antonio!

Another day dawns in Bulldog Nation and you need to know what's happening. Let us help.

Mike Zarrilli

If it's Monday it's time to discuss the latest escapades of student athletes behaving badly. This morning's prime example is Florida Linebacker Antonio Morrison, arrested after punching a bouncer at Kava Lounge in Gainesville. Morrison reportedly asked the bouncer "Do you know who I am? I am a UF football player! I am Antonio!" When told he'd have to pay the full cover even if his name was Emmitt Wuerrfel Kerwin Tebow, Jr., Morrison punched the guy, and wound up getting arrested in his dorm room.

Pro tip: "No police officer, judge, school administrator, librarian, plumber, or fast food clerk has ever responded favorably to the question "Do you know who I am?" Likely because if you have to ask, then they don't, and you're not a big enough deal for your identity to matter. Again, just a tip.

Hey, speaking of people getting roughed up, Bubba Watson and Russell Henley may have had a rough time at Merion, but another former Bulldog golfer had a great weekend. Scott Parel picked up a victory on the Tour. Congrats Scott!

Also the AJC has an interview in which Michael Adams reflects on his time as president of the state's flagship school of higher learning. If you can't figure out why there's no link to that story in this paragraph, you need another cup of coffee. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!